Causer Announces Water Service Grants for Driftwood, Smethport
HARRISBURG – Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) today announced two grants have been awarded for public water projects in Driftwood, Cameron County, and Smethport, McKean County.

“These grants represent an important investment in ensuring a safe and reliable source of water for the residents of these communities,” Causer said. “I was pleased to support this much-needed funding.”

Driftwood Borough was awarded a grant of $203,965 to create a new groundwater source of potable water by reconstructing the filter plant well in Nanny Run to meet public water supply standards. The project will also include new filtering sand for the existing three filter beds located at the slow sand filtration plant.

The system, which serves approximately 120 people in the borough and a portion of Gibson Township, is currently supplied by a surface water source and reservoir, which is susceptible to drought conditions, and is treated at a slow sand filtration plant. The current backup well is not suitable as a drinking water source.

The Borough of Smethport Authority was awarded a grant of $100,000 toward relocation and replacement of two cast iron water lines that are contributing to poor water quality for customers at the extreme end of the system along Route 59 in Keating Township. The lines were installed when the area received its water from an upstream reservoir; however, the current water supply comes from town wells and the existing lines are oversized for the volume of water used. According to authority officials, in addition to poor water quality, there have been frequent breaks on the lines, low transmission capacity and a high amount of water unaccounted for.

The grants were awarded through the Commonwealth Financing Authority and its Small Water and Sewer Grants program.

Representative Martin T. Causer
67th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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