Causer Votes to Close Loopholes in PA’s Megan’s Law

Working to protect the safety of Pennsylvania’s children, the state House this week adopted several reforms to Megan’s Law, Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) said today. 

“Having loopholes in a law designed to help keep children safe by notifying parents and community members if a convicted sex offender moves into their neighborhood is absolutely unacceptable,” Causer said. “The sooner these bills get signed into law the better.” 

The problems with the law were brought to light by a trio of recent court cases.  

The measures address the problems identified by the courts by outlining a process for homeless offenders (transients) to register every 30 days with the Pennsylvania State Police. They must be photographed and provide information about where they may be located, such as parks, public buildings, restaurants or libraries. 

The measure also corrects a technical error in the original Megan’s Law bill by ensuring the criminal penalties for failure to register apply to all registered sex offenders. It specifically addresses penalties for sex offenders required to register in their home states who subsequently move to Pennsylvania and are required to register for a lifetime. 

House Bills 68 and 75 now go to the Senate for consideration.  

State Representative Martin Causer
67th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Patricia Hippler